Liquid Handling

Lab Division


Our pipettes are appreciated for their user friendliness and accuracy, as well as their attractive, yet practical design. For accurate and precise results, you need tips designed to match your pipette. Our Optifit Tips and SafetySpaceTM Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly on our pipettes.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic pipettes reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • High accuracy and precision ensure reliable pipetting results
  • Their award-winning design combines top-class functionality and ergonomics along with a sleek, appealing look

We offer two types of pipettes:

  1. Electronic pipettes
  2. Mechanical pipettes

Pipette Controllers- Midi Plus™

Midi Plus™ is a lightweight and easy-to-use pipette controller for both aspiration and dispensing of maximum volumes. Midi Plus™ offers a cordless battery-operated option for pipette filling.
Midi Plus™ is a lightweight, cordless pipetting controller with excellent ergonomics, enabling you to aspirate from bottles and tubes without holding your arm and hand in an uncomfortable raised position.

Bottle-top Dispensers

Our bottle-top dispensers and burettes are safe, convenient, and customizable. They fit perfectly for a wide range of dispensing needs. 

We offer three bottles- top dispensers:

  1. Prospenser Plus
  2. Prosenser
  3. Biotrate