Membrane Chromatography

Lab Division

Chromatography devices such as spin columns, capsules, multiwell plates and strips, vacuum manifolds and membranes. Typical applications are concentration, purification and desalting of peptides, polishing, flow-to-waste and analyte collection, protein purification and sample preparation. Chromatography devices with ion exchange, metal chelate, Protein A and G, Anti-HSA and C18 matrices offer a comprehensive portfolio for protein capture and purification.

96-Well Plates

The Sartobind® 96-well plates consisting of individual 8-strips are ideal tools for screening of chromatography operating conditions. Four membrane types are available: two ion exchange membranes, a salt tolerant membrane as well as a hydrophobic interaction chromatography membrane.

Capsules (Scale Down Devices)

Sartobind® capsules with 4 mm bed height are perfectly suited for applications such as the removal of DNA, viruses, endotoxins and protein contaminants. They are available with ion exchange membranes (Q and S) and salt tolerant membranes (Sartobind STIC®). The void-volume-optimised capsules with 8 mm bed height are designed first of all for bind & elute applications. They are available with ion exchange membranes (Q and S) as well as hydrophobic interaction 

Chromatography Spin Columns

Chromatography spin columns in 0.5 ml and 20 ml volume capacity and 4 to 80 mg binding capacity for protein, DNA and virus purification applications as well as fast and easy fractionation. Available with ion exchange ligands, the spin columns are ready-to-use and cannot run dry by their design. For many protein purification applications, they can replace time-consuming column chromatography. They are based on membrane adsorber technology as their chromatography matrix.

Lab Units (not scalable)

Ready-to-use membrane adsorber units for ion exchange chromatography. Typical applications are the separation and purification of proteins. The units combine the advantages of Sartobind Membrane Adsorbers for ion exchange chromatography and syringe filter design and thus allow for rapid and easy handling of samples.


Sartobind® IEX membranes are macroporous cellulose membranes carrying IEX ligands for the separation and purification of proteins. Our membrane adsorbers feature extremely short cycle times and exceptionally high flow rates and throughput.

Vacuum Manifolds

The vacuum manifolds are designed for the operation of Sartobind® 96-well plates consisting of 12 individual 8-strips. The 96-well plates contain Sartobind® membrane adsorbers and are screening tools for chromatography conditions, e.g. within Design of Experiments (DoE) studies. The manifolds are easy to use with quick release fittings and can be run without initial set up time. They can be easily configured for both flow-to-waste and collection of fractions.