CURATEK Solutions was founded in 2017 in the state of Palestine with the sole aim in providing innovative technology products and services to the customers in the segments of healthcare, analytical, scientific, environmental sciences, and research centers. We deliver innovative medical products, scientific and analytical solutions and services, which create real value and benefits to our customers. Working together to serve the communities of which we are a part.


Innovation lies at the heart of science and our company. Everyday we work with our customers and partners to improve people’s lives in Palestine. We always seek to bring the best to our customers, the best services, the best experience, and the best in the latest innovations.

Our philosophy is to develop an atmosphere and culture fostering innovation and ideas that can be refined into added value solutions and services for our customers in Palestine.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the opportunity to perform their work using the most modern and sophisticated technology available in cost effective ways, by setting highest standards in service, reliability and safety.


We are relentlessly driven to be a premier source of expertise. Our dream stems from our empowerment of human advancement across the spectrum of medical and applied sciences. To us: this is a source of our pride. To our employees and customers: it defines CURATEK Solutions.


CURATEK Solutions seeks to add significant value in every interaction with its customers by providing unsurpassed service and the highest quality, best performing products. CURATEK Solutions, is deeply committed to improving care by ethically serving its customers. We value the importance of trust and honesty in all of the relationships that we build.

CURATEK's values represent our core beliefs about how we conduct our business.

Safety – Safety first!
Quality and Excellence – Set and achieve high standards in everything we do.
Integrity – Do the right thing.
Fulfillment – Develop our talents and enjoy our work.
Teamwork – Communicate openly and respect each other.
Profitability – Make wise decisions and help grow the business.